April 2010 i bought this VW beetle 1302 -71 Roadster without seen it first. It was cheap, had the right approvals, and i planned to just put a few bucks and som few hours in it and use it "as is."

From April 2010 to Oktober 2011 i have spendt more than 1000 hours and NOK 200.000.- (USD 37.000) but now i `m almost finished.

I am born i 1966, educated carpenter and now i work as production manager in southern of Norway.

Ol`bugs & websites is my hobby. (My daily driver is a black 02 Honda Civic)

When i got the car into the garage, it all to soon got clear that this 1302 roadster was more or less garbage:

The engine was stuck and filled with water(no oil) transmission was bad, clutchbearing missing, no interior and almost all electric was either ripped out, or in bad shape. Brakes where bad, some rustholes in the body(not so bad though) rims was some rusty 14" whitespokes with worn out "Donald Duck" tires on. Fuel tank was leakin` and all wheelbearings was rattlin`.

All fenders/wings had cracks in the fiberglas, doorlatches ruined, fenderskirts missing, rear springplates and bolts missing, no parts for the heating system what so ever.

Bad paintjob with poor masking ruined all rubber seals and gaskets.

Even the registration papers for the car i had to fight for to get, for many months.

The pictures to the left is from the sales add.

These four pics was the hole base of my desition..

You are welcome into my website -see the updated results.

Last updated 11 may 2013